Who We Are

Ridley Electronics Ltd. design and manufacture environmental control equipment and communications equipment for anyone who would like to have remote control over their environment, particularly people with disabilities. We have been established for over 30 years. The overriding principle of the company is to help people achieve an independent lifestyle through the technology we offer. All our equipment has been designed in response to user feedback and we welcome comments and suggestions for improvement from users. Please contact us at the address/telephone/e-mail below if you have any comments. Contact us too if you, a friend or a colleague require a print copy of this catalogue. We will post it, or e-mail it if more convenient, free of charge.

A Catalogue is available in normal and Large Print formats, click here to order.

The Heart Of Our System

Remote Control is the heart of our system. It enables you to control our products simply by operating a switch on a small and portable lightweight transmitter. There are no wires and depending on the job they have to do transmitters operate using infra red or radio frequency technologies.

Adaptable and Expandable

Our equipment is built around your needs. You can have as many or few functions as you wish and can be confident that our system can expand and adapt to your requirements at any time.

The Right Switch for you

Our transmitters and other equipment can be operated by a wide choice of switches - touch sensitive, smack down levers, mouthpiece and spring switches. You can use almost any part of the body. Whatever the limit to your movement we can design a system to suit you.

Ridley Electronics

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