Sliding-Door Door Openers

Sliding doors are used in various locations and with differing levels of security, weight and locking techniques.  However, most situations require that the door may be opened by others rather than a disabled person alone.

The Ridley Door Openers are electro-pneumatic, and for sliding door openers, this is no exception.  The door is operated by using a small hand held Radio Frequency Transmitter (a range is shown in the Ridley Electronics Limited Catalogue).

Pressing the button will open the door and a second press will close it.  If, however, the door is an external door, security may be an issue so frequently; a magnetic lock is used to ensure that the door is not able to be opened by unauthorised people from the outside.

In most cases, doors are already in situ and the opening aperture, weight and door size are already known.  Whilst Ridley Electronics do not manufacture, fit and supply doors, we can provide useful advice as to what to look for.

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