Door Latch Release System (Door Lock Release)

When a visitor arrives at your door you are in control. You are:

  • Alerted that you have a visitor. 
  • Able to converse ‘Hands Free’ with your visitor to establish their identity.
  • Able to release the door from anywhere within 100 Metres of the door.

Our cordless phone based Door Latch Release System enables the user to establish who is at the door by using a cordless phone. This is an item of equipment which provides multiple functions.

A visitor presses the button on your Visitor’s Panel and you hear a tone on any of the phones within the house. We commonly recommend and provide one or more cordless DECT ‘Hands Free’ phones, which enable you to be anywhere within or outside your home.

By pressing the ‘Hands Free’ button on the phone, you can establish who is at your door without having to lift the handset; you can have a conversation with them, and if you are happy to let them in, you press button ’5’ on the handset.

We also provide Large Button ‘Hands Free’ Phones to enable people with reduced vision or dexterity to use them easily

Using the Ridley Door Latch Release System, you can be alerted, establish who is at the door, and then let them in,  the telephone may be used to summon assistance from a carer or other people within the house, using the intercom function.

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