Door Openers enable users to enter or leave a room or property independently using a remote transmitter or switch. This device extremely useful for people who have difficulty opening their doors without assistance or for those who use a wheelchair. By the press of a button, you regain the control of opening and closing your doors.

Our door openers are very versatile and can be made to fit virtually all of types of doors and gates.

They are powered by a small power pack which can be located up to 10 metres away in a nearby cupboard or even the loft. Our mechanism is electro-pneumatic; essentially compressed air. With fewer moving parts compared to standard mechanical openers, very little maintenance is required.

When used in conjunction with our Telephone Door Latch Release system, the increased security and access will become invaluable.

Your door can be controlled with a simple one button transmitter or even using a long range swipe tag reader whereby the tag can be kept discretely in your bag, pocket or even on your keys. Whether you require one door or a multiple door opening system, we are able to help. As with all of our systems, versatility is key and our door openers are no exception to meeting your needs.

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