Door Latch Release System

The Ridley Door Latch Release System allows you to identify a visitor at your door and grant or refuse them access using your home telephone.

By pressing a button at the visitors panel at your front door, your home telephone will ring, notifying you of their presence, allowing you to converse with the visitor. If you wish to grant them access, simply press the number '5' on your telephone keypad which releases the latch on the door.

Our system can be used with a fixed or cordless phone. If you receive a visitor while already holding a telephone conversation, a tone will announce the visitor allowing you to place the telephone caller on hold while identifying your visitor.

This system not only has a range of 100 metres but retains the normal key locking mechanism so family members or carers will still be able to enter the house in the event of a power failure .

  • Door Latch Release System
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